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How are the Hebrew letters, the instruments of the Levites, the name of God and the musical system of our day linked together? How did David secretly encrypt the name of God within the melodies of his songs as a form of praise? You may know that the Psalm manuscripts were originally meant to be sung, but you may not be aware that there is also a system of music notation found within the Hebrew Biblical texts that when properly deciphered enable the ancient Psalm manuscripts to be transcribed into traditional music notation that can be sung and played in our day and time?

Whether you are a musician, a student of the Bible or just someone interested in learning something really unique about the music and instruments of the Bible, the questions above and many more will be answered as we start to unearth the lost secrets of the musical system of David, the Levites and the Psalm manuscripts in this free, scriptural based, non-denominational, online resource.

The Davidic Cipher

The Davidic Cipher
Unlocking the Hidden Music of the Psalms
(with 16 note-for-note transcriptions)
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