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Reference Section
Reference Material
Quick Reference to the Layout of the Psalms and superscriptions
Concordance and Lexicon of the Psalm superscriptions
Concordance of terms relating to melody and melodies (Heb. ngn)
Concordance of terms relating to music and musicians (Heb. zmr)
Concordance of terms relating to sing, song and singers (Heb. sher)
Thirty-nine books of the Hebrew canon
Bibliography (including software used in this presentation)
Additional Material
Who were the Levites?
David selects singers and musicians to minister before YAHVEH
Who was Jeduthun and what was his relationship to David?
Summary timeline of the development of the musical system of the Levites
Miscellaneous relationships associated with the Sacred Name, YAH
Sing a new song to YAHVEH
Bonus Section
"The Book of Jesus" (chronological harmonization of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John)
"The Kings" (contemporary musical about the lives of the first two kings of Israel, Saul and David)
Expanded Documentation
Melodic Cymbals of the Levite singers
Two Silver Trumpets of the Levite Priests

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